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SWTOR Guides and SWTOR Credits Guide is one of the ultimate guides which players should have within their possession. Why? Well for one, players (such as myself) bought the guides at a good price without having to pay  for shipping costs. Besides the point, these two guides are written by expert gamers who lend out their knowledge to us. At the beginning I was slightly hesitant on buying online guides when I can easily search the web for them all, naturally. However, when I was introduced to KillerGuides (the manufacturer), I liked the idea how their website was designed plus, they contained several games which they explicitly make guides for. Of course, one of which is the SWTOR guides.

What’s so great about these guys? Well, here I am to break them down for you!

SWTOR Credits GuideSWTOR Credits Guide is basically a guide to help you make lots of Credits within a short period of time. No, I’m not saying a month; I’m saying less than a month or perhaps within a week. For those unsure of what Credits are, it’s basically the equivalence of money. The Credits guide is written by players who know how to make lots of Credits within the game either by: selling, trading, mission, questing, crafting and various others. Usually I will go questing in order to gain items then sell them. The guide showed me that there are better ways to do what I’m doing in half the time. Wow.

Many players will have their own technique but hey, there’s no harm in learning about a new technique that perhaps can be better (and less time consuming).

SWTOR Strategy GuideThe next guide you all should pay real good attention to is: SWTOR Guides. This is the flesh and blood of SWTOR. This guide is the strategy guide where, you guessed it, provides bundles of information for the players. Players who are confused about the classes, the guide has them all! Personally, I enjoyed reading every tidbit about the Empire; I love using the Force for evil deeds!

Datacrons. Annoying little buggers. Finding them at feels like looking for a needle in a galactic haystack. No. The guide is nice enough to tell me the locations of those Datacrons! When I found the hidden Datacrons, I was beyond thrilled to know and think, “Wow… it was here the entire time?” I’m sure many players will think the same way too!

Putting the guides under a microscope, each guide has its own ‘flavor’. They’re not boring to read. It’s difficult to explain but the guides are highly informative. Each page is packed with information, knowledge from the author who wrote this! Also, several authors have helped in making this SWTOR guides bundle for players who want to have every guide under their belt!

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Star Wars TOR Guide introduction

star-wars-the-old-republic-20090602061935892_640wA Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away, there was two factions that waged wars. This story dates back even further than the rise of Darth Vader by around 3500 years. It is the story of Star Wars the Old Republic, an era in which the Sith Empire was at their strongest and more than anything, wanted to attack the Republic.

Star Wars TOR is BioWare’s latest creation and their very first attempt at a MMORPG game. They have brought along with several innovations that mainly consists of adding a new story-driven factor into the main pillars of traditional MMOs like Combat, Exploration and Progression. This story-driven gameplay is not just any written dialogue, but a full voice over for all the characters dialogue as well as NPCs, a first for MMO. This feature even works when you are teamed with other players, which will result in multiple dialogues from both your character and members of your group.

Are you ready to enter the world of Star Wars TOR? Although no one has any idea when it will be releasing, but I am sure many fans of the series are waiting patiently for the final release date. While, players are patiently waiting, we are compiling a Star Wars TOR guide to accompany the release of this majestic game that is worthy of long-term gameplay. Enhance and understand every aspect of the Star Wars the Old Republic with our upcoming Star Wars TOR Guide!

If you’re looking for more than preliminary info, this SWTOR Guide is recommended. The manual is also available as part of a SWTOR Complete Guides Bundle; further recommended for serious SWTOR gamers.